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First time after gave birth

I opened a bottle of wine and we sat sipping at our glasses of wine on our balcony relaxing a little and watching the sun go down. We went down for some dinner and ordered another bottle of wine, we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company, I moved my knee to rub up against […]
hotel sex

Unforgettable Night at the hotel

We had a room in a cheap hotel, nearly ripping our clothes off with lust. I grabbed his shoulder as he gripped my ass, grinding against me on the bed. His erection was hard, he gripped a fistful of my shirt and ripped off ı moaned in pleasure, not wanting him to stop. His eyes […]

Wake Up Sex

I wake up with her kisses and dirty talk; babe I want you to fill my wet pussy with your huge cock..babe..babe..” She moved her hand to my cock, she began moving her hand up and down my dick. I moved my hands around the back of her neck, running my hands through her soft […]
tinder date

Tinder Date

Everything began with a beer was a routine calm day while waiting for my friend I check my tinder account there was a match I check her profile she was hot but I was in a different mood so I choose to ignore after a couple of minutes my friend shows up with a guest […]

Perfect ebony girl with small tits

We got to my tiny apartment and Cecilia sat straight on the bed, plumping up the cushions behind her and making herself comfy on my smaller than average double bed. We were laying side by side as I slowly moved my hand up her body and onto her breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and […]
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First Group sex (foursome)

I was very nervous that ı have to handle 3 cocks at the same time. When I went to the doorstep, I was still scared and exciting. I knocked on the door. johnny opened with a relaxed mood kissed me on my cheek and invite me inside. Bill, Carlos, and jeff were sitting around the […]
Naugty History’s Studen

Naughty History’s Studen

I approach Miha‘s desk to check her homework, ı asked ”have you finish your homework” Miha answered yes. after ı check, the homework ı noticed that wasn’t all. her excuse didn’t have time because she designed the new school uniform. Miha asked me to do you want to see. ı accept her offer cause I […]