First time after gave birth

I opened a bottle of wine and we sat sipping at our glasses of wine on our balcony relaxing a little and watching the sun go down. We went down for some dinner and ordered another bottle of wine, we were laughing and enjoying each other’s company, I moved my knee to rub up against his under the table and he smiled up at me. Grabbing my hand over the table. We headed up to the room and stumbled in the door.

We lay down on the bed and began making out, it felt amazing not having to worry about anyone but ourselves. I totally let myself go when I was kissing him and we soon both started moaning, desperate to take things further but I will admit I was nervous.

He hadn’t even touched my pussy since I gave birth a few months prior, I was feeling self-conscious as he made his way between my legs and parted my knees, kissing his way down my thighs and then kissing my pussy through my panties. I was dripping wet and forgot all about my insecurities as he made my entire body shake and made me feel like he always did. I was so turned on as I began to cum for the first time in months and months, all over his fingers and face. My orgasm was explosive and I was sure the people in the room next door could have heard me, my orgasm made my entire body tremble and I felt like I could do anything as I was coming down from my insane orgasm.

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