Tinder Date

Everything began with a beer was a routine calm day while waiting for my friend I check my tinder account there was a match I check her profile she was hot but I was in a different mood so I choose to ignore after a couple of minutes my friend shows up with a guest when they get close to me I recognize her. She was the person I match with on tinder MyKinkyDope!!!.

Dan introduced us he said, Laura was his boss… 

God damn, she was so hot, her dress couldn’t hide her magnificent boobs even how much I try to stop looking at her boobs I couldn’t stop my eyes.

She might understand the situation. How she can’t?? 

After several drinks, Dan wanted to go to the bathroom. That was my opportunity to talk with her in private while preparing to talk with her she starts kissing me and grabbing my ass I got shocked she was my best friend boss but this was not enough to stop me. I was already fascinated after a long passionate kiss ı heard Dan’s steps that were enough to stop us. Dan was sitting in front of us while he talking Laura grab my dick, started handjob under the table, Oh God!! She has no concern to do these next to the employee… Who am I to concern? There is no reason to stop for me. I gently lifted her skirt started playing her tight juicy pussy I didn’t think I could bear any more I cum ınto her hands like a sperm volcano… After all, I hope Dan don’t loss he’s job 🙂

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