Unforgettable Night at the hotel

We had a room in a cheap hotel, nearly ripping our clothes off with lust.

I grabbed his shoulder as he gripped my ass, grinding against me on the bed. His erection was hard, he gripped a fistful of my shirt and ripped off ı moaned in pleasure, not wanting him to stop. His eyes stared long and hard at mine. Making sure ı wanted to do this . His teeth bit down on my lace bra, pulling it off for my boobs to bounce down. His gaze never wavered from his prize and ı slowly started to blush.

”Don’t be embarrassed, you are beautiful, the most beautiful anybody could as for ” he said.

I pulled on his shirt, wanting to feel his abs ı so desperately needed. ıt took no time at all for him to take it off, his tongue on to my right boobs. He ripped off my panties and I could feel myself getting wet inside. but instead of what I thought he was going to do, he flipped me over so I was facing the bed face down. I jerked forward, grappling the sheets in front of me when his thumb traced my pussy, going deeper with each stroke. just when I thought he had finished. His tongue rolled down my pussy. I snapped around. Facing him again, I roll my legs around him and pull him closer to me. He covered my back with his arms. I took his cock slowly into my wet pussy. He grabbed my hips and slammed into me, making me scream in pleasure. He kept ramming into me until my stomach could no longer hold clenching feeling. It came like a burst of power. exploding all over his length, with him coming into me as well. I suddenly felt disappointed with us being done now. He was probably too tired for another go.

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